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California Library Access Services, South (CLASS) Phoenix Rising: Understanding & Combatting Burnout and Low Morale among Access Services Staff

July 19-20, 2022, Virtual

Centered around staff morale and burnout, the event will bring together access services employees from wide-ranging academic libraries to meet, network, learn, and share experiences and perspectives with one another.  Two featured speakers, Mark Stover (Dean at CSU Northridge) and Jennifer Fabbi (Dean at CSU San Marcos), will share their thoughts on the theme, followed by panel and attendee discussions.  All are welcome at the virtual event, to an attendee cap of 300.

Register now for the event, and then watch here for times, sessions, and other details as the event date draws nearer.

Caia Colleague Virtual Conference

February 25, 2022

Caia Colleague Virtual Conference

We held our third Caia Colleague Virtual Conference on 25 February with great turnout: colleagues from all CaiaSoft® sites but two were able to attend. After a review of new CaiaSoft® functionality, Inventory Management functions took the spotlight with presentations from two of our colleagues: Jimmy Gonzalez of University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and Nelson Rivera at University of South Carolina.
Both have been engaged in intensive space reclamation projects. UIUC worked with Caia to build a Backfill Accession process that supports accessioning new materials directly into existing partially filled trays at the shelf, without having to pull containers down out of the storage area and onto the production floor. This minimizes material movement, streamlines the backfilling process, and allows for container-level maintenance (ex., updating recorded space, changing Material type, container audit) to be undertaken at the same time, improving efficiencies at the shelf.

Nelson Rivera of University of South Carolina detailed how his ‘Defrag the Stacks!’ campaign winnowed out duplicates and archaic formats to reclaim some 10% of storage space in the Library Annex. Having deaccessioned the targeted materials, the Annex team used Item Moves to consolidate partial containers, then ran container-level Audits at each address, again performing multiple functions to take best advantage of shelf access.

These are but two approaches to vacancy management and space reclamation in storage. Knowing that the greatest resource we have (aside from our collections, of course!) is space, it’s to our benefit to consider the various ways in which facilities can capitalize and maximize.

* * * * *

Caia development projects pending for CaiaSoft® in 2022:
API Module: A separate module for managing and monitoring APIs from one central location
‘Check Engine Light’: A Main Console alert for selected thresholds, ex. API load failures, advisories on barcodes (‘BOLO’s), Audit deadlines, and more.
Label Printing: Generating Container ID labels from within CaiaSoft®, tracking IDs created, by type, date, user, &c.

We are working on an FAQ to embed within the CaiaSoft® User Tools Module and welcome suggestions and submissions for questions, whether ‘frequently asked’ or murmured once, alone in a forest.

Our next Caia Colleague Virtual Conference is tentatively slated for early Autumn 2022: we will see where adventure takes us all this year. Please send us your ideas for discussion topics, new development, or let us know if you would like to present on work your facility is doing with CaiaSoft®.

Thank you for attending, looking forward to seeing you at the next CCVC!

Click to download a PDF of the presentation:
Caia Colleague Virtual Conference 2022