PO Box 1657
Dover NH 03821

Laura Beatham

Laura Beatham is Caia Software & Solutions’ co-founder and Chief Architect, having developed its flagship system, CaiaSoft®. Although a recent comer to libraries in 2014, Laura’s career has encompassed building responsive, innovative business tools and management systems for over 20 years. Laura loves a challenge, and is ever seeking to improve Caia’s products and customer experience.

Christine Brennan

Christine Brennan is Caia Software & Solutions’ other co-founder. She has been working with the library storage world since 1998, engaged with developing storage operations for over 45 different facilities in that time. Whether operations- or systems-based, Chris is always looking for the next, best approach to resolving the unique demands of storage for libraries and archives.

About Our Name

Why Caia? Caia Caecilia is a Roman goddess of fire, hearth, healing and women. Our logo reflects the ‘fire in the eye’ of Caia’s founders, two determined women dedicated to their work in this community.

It also makes a happily coincidental acronym: Circulation, Accession, Inventory Analysis (CAIA).