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CaiaMoves™ is our all-inclusive library moves management system, encompassing these critical features:

  • Point-to-point scanning to maintain item chain-of-custody integrity.
  • Full reportability on all scans, with embedded date/timestamp and User ID for full accountability.
  • Transport accountability.
  • On-the-fly catalogue record creation/modification, supported by Caia’s API set.
  • On-the-fly barcode assignment, supported by Caia’s API set.
  • Set expected item scan metrics by project milestones.
  • Assign project-specific work rules across multiple, concurrent projects.
  • On-demand exports of move project data.
  • Extensive reporting on items, boxes, shelves, carts scanned; transport details; user productivity; applied condition codes; and more.
  • The Caia Union Holdings Module, populated via API or manually, supports multi-axis searching, record editing, and links directly to item record details.

CaiaMoves™ SaaS Subscription provides

  • Unlimited user accounts, including external user (‘monitoring’) accounts
  • Unlimited items-moving counts
  • Inactive projects can be exported and archived for up to 2 years
  • Inactive projects can be re-activated
  • Service Level Agreement included in SaaS Subscription: no additional support fees apply.

Contact us at for more information on putting CaiaMoves™ to work for you.