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CaiaSoft ®

Modern. Efficient. Affordable.

What is CAIASOFT™ ?


As dynamic as your library, as responsive as your people.
CaiaSoft™ is a fully-inclusive system to support the myriad functions of your operation.

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Manage Your Collections, Maximize Your Space

  • Item-level accountability for accession, circulation and collection-management activities, including moves, audits, and deaccessions
  • Flexibility to share containers and shelves across libraries and material types
  • Vacancy tracking, shelf allocation, and occupancy alerts to help you make best use of your available space
  • Extensive API capabilities

Real-time Reporting and Data Access

  • Real-time statistics on space usage, collection composition, item activity
  • Ability to create and save user-built reports
  • On-demand data exports/downloads
  • Single point of access data look-ups

User Friendly

  • Web-based, accessible from any browser
  • Modern user interface
  • Customizable for the unique requirements of your storage library
  • Meets VPAT standards

Responsive Layouts

  • Scalable displays for a wide variety of devices
  • Real-time mobile data update capability for wireless environments
  • Clear, concise activity confirmation and error messaging

Affordable and Scalable

  • Available as Software as a Service or On-Premises
  • No hidden or extra fees: licences cover CaiaSoft™ full functionality, including API
  • Supports data migration from other inventory, ILS, or ‘in-house’ systems
  • Small collection, large academic research institution, or national library, every subscriber has the same access to all CaiaSoft™ has to offer!

Outstanding Customer Service

  • Comprehensive Service Level Agreement
  • Interactive and online support portal
  • Knowledgeable and experienced in facility operations
  • Performance. Not promises.

Practical Experience, Creative Solutions

From our experience establishing 40 storage libraries, we understand the operational nuances involved: no two facilities operate the same way. Put our knowledge to work for you and your storage library with our consultation and third-party software support services.


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