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CaiaSoft™ features its own API Set and supports interfaces with external systems:




Caia Software and Solutions will craft an API for any ILS or ILL software to facilitate real-time request processing and other operations. If you do not see your ILS on this list, please contact us for more information on interfacing CaiaSoft™ with your system.


Is your present system outmoded, obtuse, or insufficient for the demands of your storage library? Whether you are using an in-house management tool, an adapted catalogue, or an inventory control system, we can migrate your data to CaiaSoft™: you could soon be working in a modern, responsive, and secured system supported by outstanding customer service!

Consultation/Custom Development Services

Caia can assist your storage library in collections assessment, materials handling, operations planning and procedures, and special projects management. We also provide training in facility set-up and operations, both at point of implementation and as part of our on-going professional development and support services.

Sometimes, the demands of the storage library require a custom-fit software solution to a unique problem. In those cases, Caia Software and Solutions can assist your evaluation of the problem, identifying the fix and developing it to spec for your library. Whether an API or site-specific report set, Caia will build to meet your requirements.

CAIA Software As A Service

Hosted on the AWS Cloud, CaiaSoft™ is readily accessible to libraries of all sizes, no local server required. Pricing is based upon the census of your stored collection, starting as low as $600 per month. All subcriptions include CaiaSoft™'s full functionality.

CaiaSoft™ On-Premises

CaiaSoft™ is available for installation on-premises, hosted by your organization's own servers. Standard development and deployment platforms mean no special licenses are required to install and run CaiaSoft™. Its ease of installation, access, and administration make CaiaSoft™ a value-added application for your library!

3rd Party Software Support

When system migration is not an option, Caia also offers support services for other inventory control or collection management systems/methods. Call us for details on systems covered, services provided, and possible allowances/credits applied for changing support providers.

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