Circulation, Accession & Inventory Analysis

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Introducing CAIASOFT - As dynamic as your library, as responsive as your people,
a fully-inclusive system to support the myriad functions of your operation.

Keep Track of Your Collections

  • Item-level accountability for accession, circulation and collection-management activities, including moves and audits
  • Shelf allocation and vacancy alerts to make the best use of your available space
  • Flexibility to share containers and shelves across libraries and material types

Responsive Layouts

  • Scalable displays for varied devices: PCs, tablets, cell phones
  • Real-time mobile data update capability for wireless environments
  • Clear, concise activity confirmation and error messaging

Reporting and Billing Management

  • Real-time statistics on space usage, collection composition, item activity
  • Ability to create and save user-built reports
  • On-demand data exports/downloads

User Friendly

  • Web-based, accessible from any browser
  • Customizable for the unique requirements of your storage library
  • Interactive and online support portal

Expansion Capabilities

  • API connections with catalogue and ILL systems
  • Activity-based Storage Billing System
  • Internal union catalogue/request broker for shared collections or consortia

Affordable and Scalable

  • Pay for the capacity you need, add as your collection grows
  • Small public library or large academic research library, the same tools are available to every subscriber
  • Ability to migrate data from existing OPAC and storage software

Practical Experience, Creative Solutions

From our experience establishing over 30 storage libraries, we understand the operational nuances involved: no two facilities operate the same way. Put our knowledge to work for you and your storage library with our consultation and third party software support services.

You have found the one best resource for storage library management.

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